Safety, environmental compliance and quality are core focus areas for every employee at Phunga Holdings. PH is in possession of the NOSA 4 Star certification of compliance for health and safety and Environmental safety. The organization is committed to adhering to the International Standards that govern management of Safety, Health and Environment in The organisation. The organisation views Safety and Occupational Health management as a business imperative, and is therefore committed to effectively manage the inherent occupational health and safety in the business.You can rely on PH to deliver quality products safely and with respect for our employees and yours.

Effective management of health and safety, one part of our commitment to continuous improvement, is essential and integral to the firm’s overall business performance and to the success of all of our projects.

Furthermore, we work closely with clients and stakeholders to ensure we support their unique safety requirements. This includes taking a forward-looking view of safety to embed it for the long-term, incorporating safety in design to help vital infrastructure stand the test of time.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthful working environment for all employees.  We will ensure our work does not adversely affect the health or safety of others.  It is both a moral obligation and sound business practice to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

Our Clients

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