At Phunga we believe in the core ethos of sustainability. A sustainable future for our planet and its people remain a top priority. Our business has a heritage founded on the principles of providing improvements to the environment and proves its dedication through sustainable environmental engineering projects, renewable energy development projects, wastewater recycling efforts, climate change planning and beyond.

In addition, with corporate responsibility at the top of many of our clients’ agendas, we believe we can nurture and provide assistance to help them meet their own environmental goals through green engineering.

At PH we take corporate responsibility seriously. Our mission is to engage and advance our staff and stakeholder partners toward a sustainable future.

We also recognize that the health of our planet is deeply rooted in the health and well-being of its people. We support global humanity by spearheading efforts to cure disease, fight poverty and lend a hand to the many charitable organizations dedicated to causes that fuel our passion.

Our Clients

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